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  • A DNN 6.01.01 installation or above.
  • Host access to your DNN installation.
  • A download of the latest install package.

Installing the extension

  • Log in as a super user with host access to your DNN installation.
  • Navigate to Host > Extenstions.
  • Click install extension. (for DNN6 users, make sure you are in edit mode, hover over the "manage" button and click "install extension").
  • Follow the installation wizard.

ABL for DNN Settings

Once you have added the module to your page you will find the following settings:

  • Account ID - This is your account ID
  • Cache Time - This is the amount of time in Minutes your DNN site will cache the data received from ABL to display on your site before re-requesting the data.
  • Time Out - this is the amount of time in Milliseconds your site will wait for a response from ABL before rendering the DNN page.
  • Enable Debuging - This will output extra information to the page when enabled about the data being passed to ABL and what is being received back from ABL
  • ABL Enabled - This enables or disables the collection, caching and display of ABL service data.

A note about these module settings - these settings are for the Module Portal wide, not per page - so you only need to set these settings once per DNN portal and then add the module to pages where you wish to display links.

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